Staff Member: Mr. Rich Faba

Mr. Rich Faba

Parish Council, Chair
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Why did I volunteer to serve on the Parish Council?
I have been a member of Our Lady of Fatima for thirty-six years. My wife and I were married here, our two children were baptized and confirmed here, and my daughter will be married here in October. It has been a wonderful and integral part of our lives and faith for all of this time.

Having recently retired, what better way to give something back to the faith community that has guided me for such a large part of my life? Building on the wonderful work of the past councils that have shepherded the joining of the Fatima and St. James faith communities, each with its own wonderful history and tradition, is a worthwhile challenge. What I hope to bring to the parish council is thoughtful and prayerful respect for the past and a hand to the oar driving for a future that continues to nurture a vibrant and loving faith community.