Staff Member: Ms. Nishanthi (Nisha) Jayasundera

Ms. Nishanthi (Nisha) Jayasundera

Parish Council Member
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Why I chose to volunteer for the Parish Council:
I always wanted to do volunteer service. I have participated through work but needed something more close to my life. So one fine day, while I was waiting in the church gathering area to schedule a mass for my father's soul, Catherine came up to me to help me out. After she took care of my mass intention, she told me to read that week's bulletin and consider joining the Parish Council. So, I discussed it with my family and decided to do so.

I hope to provide the parishioners with necessary information that they would need to know and help them understand the information. Although I have been with the Parish only for about 3 years, I feel like I have been here longer than that. It is amazing how the parishioners greet each other and welcome each other. We adore Fr.Paul.

About myself:
I am from Sri Lanka. I am married and have two wonderful daughters. My husband is a retired Physical Therapist. My elder daughter, Bernadene is a doctor at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor and my younger daughter, Himashi has started college at DePaul University in Chicago this Fall. I am working as a Relationship Manager in Business Banking at Citizens Bank.