Staff Member: Mr. Nick Sharkey

Mr. Nick Sharkey

Parish Council Member
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When I was asked to consider joining the Parish Council I immediately knew I would apply. I have enjoyed the spiritual benefits of this parish for 44 years.

My greatest attraction to this parish is its commitment to serving the poor as we witness Father Paul’s example. Over the years I learned that the stain glass windows in our church came from closed churches in Detroit. I knew that Father Paul said Mass every Sunday afternoon at Detroit churches. I also was aware of the parish’s strong support for organizations serving the poor the like St. Vincent de Paul.

Several years ago I was struggling while trying to make a decision to accept or turn down an early retirement offer from Ford. One Sunday morning I attended Mass and we sang the hymn “What so ever you for the least of my brothers, you do for me.” The hymn touched my heart. I decided to accept the retirement offer. With encouragement from Father Paul I have worked for the past 14 years at two homeless shelters in Detroit and in two Detroit Catholic high schools.

It’s time for me to serve my fellow parishioners on the Parish Council at Our Mother of Perpetual Help.