Dispelling The Darkness


During the season of Advent, we are called to seek the light of Christ, even in the midst of darkness. We are invited to face the darkness in our own lives and in the world around us. The prophets assure us that the darkness will not overcome us. They call us to watch for the light. We are called to wait, to hope, to trust in promises made. As we make this Advent journey in faith, we invite God’s light to dispel the darkness. We ask for the grace to set down all those burdens that darken our hearts as we search for the light. We ask for the gift of attentiveness that we may truly see God’s loving presence within and among us. And we ask for renewed faith that we might be light for others.


God dispels all darkness,

He comes to be with us, in each one of our situations;

He comes to live among us, live with us and in us;

He comes to fill the distances that divide and separate us;

He comes to reconcile us with You and with one another.

The God of Light, opens our hearts to the mystery of his love and the invitation of his grace. During Advent we strive to let our complacency give way to conversion and our judgments to compassionate acceptance of others and turning oppression to justiceand transforming conflict to peaceful accord.

How are you being called by God this Advent to be a living light for others?

What is the Word that God is inviting you to act upon with ‘no conditions’?


Our Parish Advent Prayer

Emmanuel, Our world waits in darkness longing for Your light.

In the midst of darkness, enkindle our hope.

As we long for lasting peace in the midst of war, Be with us.

As we long for families to be reunited, Be with us.

As we long for enemies to be reconciled, Be with us.

As we long for cures and healings, Be with us.

As we long for decent jobs and economic security, Be with us.

As we long for love and community, Be with us.

Fulfill the deepest longings of your people and

Dispel the darkness in our hearts and in our world.

Let your Word ignite the hope the world needs to bring to life your love and

justice. Amen.

“What came to be through God was life, and this life was the light of the human race; the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”