Evening Prayer for Month of All Souls

Begin this at home evening prayer service by lighting a candle and

displaying an icon and pictures or mementos of your loved ones who have died.


Opening prayer

Immortal God, holy Lord,
Protector of all You have created,
we raise our hearts to You today for those
who have passed on from their mortal life.

In Your loving mercy, Father of all,
be pleased to receive them in Your heavenly company,
and forgive any of their failings and faults.

Your only Son, Christ, our Saviour,
suffered so cruelly that
He might deliver them from the second death.
By his merits may they share in the glory
of His victory over sin and death.

For all the faithful who have died we pray,
but in particular for those dear to us,
parents, relatives and friends.
We also include in prayer all who did good to us while on earth,
who helped us by their prayers, sacrifice and example.
We pray also for any who may have done us harm,
and stand in special need of Your forgiveness.

May the merits and prayers of our Virgin Mother,
Mary, and those of all the Angels and Saints,
speak for us and assist them now.
This we ask in Christ's name.



Scripture Reading

Brothers and sisters:
Are you unaware that we who were baptized into Christ Jesus 
were baptized into his death?
We were indeed buried with him through baptism into death, 
so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead 
by the glory of the Father, 
we too might live in newness of life.

For if we have grown into union with him through a death like his, 
we shall also be united with him in the resurrection.
We know that our old self was crucified with him, 
so that our sinful body might be done away with, 
that we might no longer be in slavery to sin.
For a dead person has been absolved from sin.
If, then, we have died with Christ,
we believe that we shall also live with him.
We know that Christ, raised from the dead, dies no more;
death no longer has power over him.



Spend some time in silence reflecting on God's Word


For the Church, that our witness to the promise of salvation assured to us by the sacrifice of Christ Jesus may guide others to God’s loving embrace, let us pray to the Lord.

That those who mourn may be consoled, that those in doubt may find reassurance, and that those who are dying may know comfort and hope, let us pray to the Lord.

For doctors, nurses, and caregivers, that the Lord may sustain them in their work and watch over them as they care for their patients, let us pray to the Lord.

For those who care for the terminally ill, that they may be blessed in their ministry, let us pray to the Lord.

For our beloved dead, that in the fullness of time they may be raised to eternal life in everlasting peace and joy with God, let us pray to the Lord.




Closing Prayer

May the love of God and the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ
bless and console us
and gently wipe every tear from our eyes:
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
R/. Amen.