Journey Through Wilderness

When did life become so noisy, busy, complicated?

During this season of Lent you are invited into the wilderness.

A quiet place with less of us and more of God.

A place of encounter where you can see God’s presence in your life.

This is no vacation destination.

The wilderness is not a safe place.

It can be dry and empty, desolate, a little dangerous.

And in the danger and emptiness we begin to look to God as our only source of comfort.

Time and again God invited the Israelites into the wilderness of desert so they could refocus their lives.

And Jesus went there as well to experience temptation.

This Lent go into your own kind of wilderness.

A place to be vulnerable and alone with God.

We are called to this wilderness experience these moments of realization that God is in our lives because all of us will inevitably experience a wilderness time at some point.

Lent offers the opportunity to begin preparing for those times that will undoubtedly take us by surprise.

How will you journey through wilderness this Lent?