Praying in the Your Home

The Christian home is often referred to as the “domestic church.” It is meant to be a place that cultivates the life of prayer celebrated in church on Sundays, a place that forms the family into a community of love. Whether one lives alone or with a large extended family, one can make the home a central place of prayer by incorporating a few simple practices.

Whenever possible, pray at approximately the same time every evening.  We are asking all parishioners to pray Evening Prayer at 7:00 pm on Wednesday Evenings during Lent 2021 and the Stations of the Cross at 7:00 pm on Friday Evenings.

If possible, set aside a space in the home that is exclusively intended for prayer. Adorn this space with a crucifix, an icon, or other images of Jesus, Mary, or saints who are personal or familial patrons. If space does not permit this, simply pray in the same place and set up an image temporarily.

Use lower lighting (a reading lamp is ideal), and mark the beginning of prayer by lighting a candle. If you have children this responsibility may be delegated to a child, and rotated among multiple children throughout the week. Then, when the prayer has ended, extinguish the candle (or have a younger child do so).