Live Mass Times

The dispensation from the Sunday obligation to attend Mass

is granted to all the faithful through March 12, 2021.


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How to pray the TV Mass from Home

Creating a sacred space to reverently watch the mass in your home

  • Create a prayer altar near your TV or streaming devise.  Consider placing a crucifix or some sacred art in the prayer space.

  • Open your bible to the gospel of the day and place it on your "home altar" to remind you that the Word of God is among you.

  • Light a candle to symbolize the beautiful light that shines in the darkness and to help your home resemble Church.

  • Set up chairs to help you engage in mass and keep you from passively watching from the couch. 

  • Get dressed as you normally would when attending mass.  Keeping this routine is especially helpful for children.

  • Take a few moments of silence to transition from the busyness of your home to the sacredness of the mass.

  • Fully participate by standing, kneeling, sitting and responding to the parts of the mass.

  • Engage in community by having coffee and breakfast with your family after mass or by calling your loved ones to connect.