Our sick and those in need of special prayers




The Church calls us to lift our brothers and sisters up in prayer when they are sick or struggling. The Parish continues to receive word about our parishioners who are ill, and we also receive  requests about their well-being by others and ask why their names are not published. Since some of the members of our   parish request that their names not be published when they are ill it becomes difficult. We strive to respect everyone’s privacy along with trying to provide prayer support to all.

We hope to list the members of our parish who are currently in need of our prayers, a visit, a note, or a phone call. To add a name to the listing, please contact the person first to make certain they want such information published and then contact the parish office.

If you wish prayer during a time of illness or difficulty for yourself or for a family member, please contact the office by e-mail at fatimaofficeolofsj@gamil.com or by phone at 248.545.2310.



We pray for our Sick, their families and caregivers...


Pray for




Colleen Karagozian, Jim Podzikowski, Emily Lukasik, Michael DeBlasis, Margaretta Overall, Edward Rychlewski, Clementine King, Marykay McCracken, Andy Doig, Kevin Plezia, Jasper Frank, John Second, Omer Finley, Marie Burch, Laurie McPhee, Judy Clees, Aaron King, Marilyn Serapiglia, Mary McCartley, Diana LaBrecque, Philip Lewis, David Doig, Sherri Clift, Christian Clift, Nabih Khoury, Vaughn White, Judith Lewis, Adrianna King, Cameron King, Maureen Powers, Ben Porter III, Theresa Osburn, Christina Yako, Marie Elene Flood, Kathy Reedy, Todd VanderMuellen, Mary Jo Kohn, Emerald DeMers, Joy Osmun, Sharon Reinke, Paul Wilson, Michael Haynes, John Wysner, Marlen Pineda, Richard and Mary Slaughter, Victor Churilla, Michael Churilla, Marie McLaughlin, Chris Dery, Gail Stanton, Celia Juras, Bill Chmielewski, Vera McBride, Ruth Ann Griffin, Margaret Rogers, Susan Abernethy, Edward McCann, Steven King, Aaron King, Ryan King, Douglas King, Conrad Lach, Lorraine D., Paul Wilson, George Pelletier, Rhoda Hurley, Dennis Lester, Pat Crawford, James Fredericks, John Mallard, Ed Allison, Donald McPhee, Nancy Lemmon









Our Men and Women Serving in the Military

1st Lt Jacob Ashmore-USAF, Cpt Jonathon Ashmore-USMC, Sgt Cory Berry-US Army, LtCOL Thomas Goedert-USMC, SFC James D. Helegda, Matthew Pelletier-USAF, Sgt Douglas Raven-US Army, COL David Rogers-US Army, COL Thomas Rogers-US Army, PFC Edy Silveira de Souza-USMC, Staff Sgt. John W. Tomassi-USAF, AB Ashley N. Vozel-USAF, SGT Noah Reiter-US Army, HN Maura Curtin—Navy, CPT Matthew Carey-USAF