Finance Council

The Finance Council assists the Pastor in the proper administration of the finances and material assets of the parish as well as strategic planning.

Members of the Finance Council:

Lori Brown, Finance Council Member

From Lori Brown...

My name is Lori Brown and I am one of the new additions to the OMOPH Parish Finance Council.  I grew in Our Lady of LaSalette and first came to Our Lady of Fatima with friends during high school. (Remember the guitar masses?)  I immediately felt at home and stayed for the next 40 years.  You may have seen me helping out at the Welcome Desk, serving with my husband Bill at the 4:30 mass or lending an occasional hand to our St. Vincent dePaul Society.   I am a Lawrence Tech grad with 34+ years administering the office, accounting and finance functions for a variety of companies in the manufacturing and service industries.  My husband and I have been married 25 years, have 3 children, 5 grandchildren (1 on the way), 3 dogs and any leftover time finds me in the garden.  In volunteering to serve on the finance council my hope is to utilize some of my life’s experience in benefit to OMOPH.  I ask for your prayers in our endeavors. 


Kathy Faba, Finance Council Secretary

From Kathy Faba...

I have been a member of our parish for over 35 years.  I was married here and my family has been active members of the parish ever since.  I taught religious education for about 10 years and I have been a member of the bell choir longer than that.  Now that I am retired and have the time, I would like to do more for our parish.  When the opportunity arose to volunteer for the Finance Council, I was happy to sign up.  Father Paul has been very helpful and supportive in our lives and I look forward to helping him pursue our church’s mission to serve others and worship God.


Tom Kirkwood, Finance Council Member

After graduating from Catholic Central High School in Adrian, in 1954, I entered Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, where I first met Father Paul Chateau, and following graduation from there spent two years at St. John's Provincial Seminary in Plymouth. At that point, I was not prepared for life outside of service to the Church but I was not interested in continuing my studies for the priesthood. So I began teaching in Catholic High Schools. My first year, I taught at Benedictine in the morning and then traveled during my lunch hour to Visitation, to spend afternoons teaching there. My second year teaching was spent with the Christian Brothers at St. Joseph's High School for boys, in Detroit, where I also coached JV Basketball. After an 0-17 season, it was not a difficult decision to leave the coaching profession. My evenings were spent at the University of Detroit, first getting my teaching certification, and then a Masters in Education Administration. It was during this time that I was offered a position teaching at Shrine High School in Royal Oak, which I accepted and, as they say, the rest is history. I was promoted from teaching to Assistant Principal in 1965 and to Principal in 1970. During my tenure as Principal, one of my responsibilities was to help Father Chateau secure Our Lady of Fatima Parish's investment at Shrine until 1980, when Fatima withdrew from the operating agreement. I retired from Shrine in 2005.

My wife, Mary, and I were married 51 years ago in St. Mary's Church in New Buffalo, Michigan. Our children, Patrick, Michael, and Kathleen, attended Catholic Grade School, High School, and Universities, and have gifted us with seven wonderful grandchildren, the oldest of whom is 11 and the youngest 4. We have lived in the same house in Royal Oak, six houses from Shrine Church, for the past 43 years, and yet have traveled to Our Lady Of Fatima to Church for the past eleven years. Why would we do that? Simple. Father Paul Chateau! 

My entire life has been Church-centered. Why not continue that in retirement? Thus my interest in serving on the Finance Council in support of Father Paul Chateau and his faith-filled ministry.



Jim Podzikowski, Emeritus


Chuck White, Finance Council Chair

From Charles White

Having been a parishioner for a number of years, a member of the transition team and parish council I am eager to help secure the future of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish in my continued role as Finance Council chairperson.  After the clustering and merger our biggest endeavor has been in finalizing the sale of the school and convent in Ferndale, which has met unexpected and unavoidable delays, but hopefully a final closing will occur soon.

My hope for the future is that all of the folks within the parish will realize that we are one parish, not two sites holding old traditions above the need to evolve and grow as one Catholic community. The differences exist for sure, but I am dedicated to helping resolve those differences.  I welcome input from any parishioner by phone, email, or meeting as desired.   My contact information is available by calling the parish office.

I retired from Ford after 29 years with the majority of time spent in light truck chassis design at their Dearborn campus.  My most enjoyable time at work was in designing and proving out new vehicle systems as the Chief Engineer.    I have testified in over 30 civil lawsuits as an expert witness, corporate representative, and historical witness for Ford Motor Company.

My recreational life consists of tennis and flying radio controlled model airplanes, with drones now added to the mix.  I had the pleasure to marry parishioner Catherine Palazzolo in 2012 and we moved to Beverly Hills in 2014.  We both enjoy travel and have vacationed twice in Italy, as well as enjoying fine wines for which Catherine has provided me with a very much appreciated education.  We particularly enjoy a good glass of wine with our friends at dinner events.


Mark Wonsil, Finance Council Vice Chair

From Mark Wonsil...

My name is Mark Wonsil. I was born in Chicago, IL and moved to Detroit in 1985. My favorite baseball teams are the Cubs and the Tigers. On Leap Day 1992, I married Veronica Riha and we moved to a house on Oak Park Blvd near Scotia. Shortly thereafter, we started attending Our Lady of Fatima parish. Our daughter, Emma, was born in 1995 and was baptized at the parish and I started playing in the Bell Choir. With the news that a second child was on the way, we moved to a larger home in Royal Oak near Beaumont Hospital but continued to be a part of the loving community of Our Lady of Fatima. Our son Joe was born and was also baptized at Our Lady of Fatima. In addition to playing bells, I also started playing drums during the Liturgy and I also enjoyed a brief period of time participating in the Parish Peace Team. Both of our children attended Our Lady of La Salette School for their primary education and Bishop Foley and Orchard Lake St. Mary's for High School. Our children are now 21 and 19 and are away at college. I look forward working on the Finance Council to ensure that Our Mother of Perpetual Help has enough resources so we can continue to be an active manifestation of God's presence in Ferndale and Oak Park.