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The Finance Council is pleased to announce that you are now able to submit your offertory contributions, if you choose to do so, to Our Mother of  Perpetual Help Parish online.  (See the link below to begin donating online today)

What does this mean for you and our Parish?


¨ There is no extra charge for giving electronically

¨ It is environmentally friendly! No more paper envelopes, checks, or ATM receipts

¨ There is less cash for the counting teams and office to handle and easier bank deposits.

¨ You can still donate to special collections (Emergency Relief, Missions, Religious Retirement, etc.)

¨ The site is administered by the same company that currently tracks your donations so your giving is accurate

¨ Just as today, you control how much and when you give

¨ Predictable giving makes budgeting much easier

¨ The site is used by more than 10,000 Churches so we know it is safe and secure

¨ You may start or stop whenever you choose.

If you have any questions or concerns about online giving please contact Mark Wonsil, our Finance Council Vice chairperson, at Nisha Jayasundera, our Finance Council chairperson, at


Click here to donate online