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We are Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish



HAVEN is the Recipient of

Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish’s

2017 Giving Tree


HAVEN is a nationally recognized nonprofit leader that provides  programs to promote violence-free homes and communities and helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. HAVEN has helped domestic violence and sexual assault victims and their families escape abuse and create safer lives for nearly 40 years. HAVEN’s survivor-centered services honor survivors as experts of their own experiences. HAVEN seeks to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault across Oakland County and the surrounding communities by empowering survivors through advocacy and social change.

At each of our worship locations there is a Giving Tree (in the Gathering Area at Our Lady of Fatima and in the back of the Church at St. James).  On the trees are gold and blue tags.  Each tag has numerous suggestions of items you can purchase for HAVEN’s different client groups. 

Parishioners who wish to share the joy and love of Christmas in a tangible way are invited to select one or more of the gift tags off the trees and participate by purchasing (NEW ITEMS ONLY, PLEASE) one or more of the items listed on the tags to gift the clients of HAVEN, including their shelter and START programs.  You don’t have to purchase everything listed on the tag

Top Priority Items are Winter Coats (L—3X), Diapers (size 4, 5, and 6), Infant pajamas, dolls of diverse ethnicities, full size comforters, full size sheet sets, twin size sheet sets, pillows, towels, dinner plates, cereal/soup bowls, cups/glasses, ladies underwear in small and medium, sweatpants and sweatshirts (S-L), Keurig coffee and tea K cups, toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, laundry detergent and bleach.

All items for the 2017 Giving Tree need to be dropped off at either church by Noon Sunday, December 10th.  Also, please do not wrap the item(s) you have purchased, and remember to securely attach the gift tag on the outside of the package or items you have purchased.

For more information about HAVEN please visit their website at www.haven-oakland.org.  HAVEN would welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer to help with their Gift Giveaway—last year over 800 HAVEN clients were served in this program.  The Gift Giveaway allows HAVEN clients to come and “shop” for Christmas gifts.  Please contact Hannah Heebner at 248.322.3705 (remember to let Hannah know you are from Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish) or sign up online at:  www.haven-oakland.org/2017-gift-giveaway if you are interested in volunteering.  They are looking for volunteers age 13 and older who are able to stand for extended periods of time and able do some lifting. (Volunteers 13-17 will require a waiver signed by a guardian.)


December 10, 11, and 12 volunteers will take in donations, set up the room, organize and sort the donations, and take inventory.


December 13 volunteers will help clients with their “shopping”, restock tables and keep things organized.


December 14, volunteers will help clients with their “shopping”, pack up and return the space to its original condition.

All volunteer shifts will be at HAVEN:  801 Vanguard Dr., Pontiac, Michigan.


Thank you for your generous support of

Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish’s Annual Giving Tree.





Events sponsored by our Worship Commission


Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish's Worship Commission Invites and Encourages Everyone to Participate






St. Andrew Christmas Novena—Beginning on St. Andrew the Apostle's feast day, Nov. 30, the following beautiful prayer is traditionally recited fifteen times a day until Christmas.


Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in  piercing cold. In that hour, vouchsafe, O my God! to hear my prayer and grant my  desires, through the merits of Our Savior Jesus Christ, and of His Blessed Mother. Amen.



Advent Begins—December 2– December 3










Wednesday Evening Advent Series

December 6, 13, and 20 at 7:00 pm

at Our Lady of Fatima Church




Saturday December 16 and Sunday December 17 at all Masses

A New Tradition for Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish

Bambinelli Sunday

All parishioners, especially our children, are invited to bring the Christ Child figure from their nativity set to Mass. 

Fr. Chateau will offer a special blessing.



What is Bambinelli Sunday?

Each year on the Third Sunday of Advent—Gaudete  Sunday—children gather with their families in St. Peter’s Square for Bambinelli Sunday.” The children bring with them figures of the Christ Child — the “Bambinelli” — from their family’s Nativity scene or precepe. During the noontime Angelus prayer, the pope blesses the children and the figurines they have brought.

We are happy and excited to bring this new tradition to Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish. Everyone is invited to bring their “Bambinelli” (figure of the Christ Child from your Nativity scene) to Mass with them on December 16 or December 17.  We especially encourage the children and youth of our parish to participate in this special blessing during each Mass.





Advent Penance Service

Monday, December 18 at 7:00 pm

at Our Lady of Fatima Church







Help Us Decorate

our Worship Environments

for Christmas


Our Environment Committee invites all parishioners to help add personal, special and unique beauty to our worship locations this Christmas by    donating a live flowering plant.  As always, we will use the plants, that you personally select, to transform our worship spaces for the Christmas season.

Plants may be dropped off at either worship location from 10am—4 pm beginning Monday, December 18 through Saturday, December 23.


Fourth Sunday in Advent and Christmas

 Calendar Alert—Christmas 2017

According to Canon Law, "On Sundays and other holy days of obligation, the faithful are obliged to participate in the Mass." This year the Fourth Sunday of Advent falls on December 24, Christmas falls on Monday, December 25. Some people are beginning to ask: Can I satisfy both obligations by attending Mass on the evening of December 23?

The prevailing view of canon lawyers is that each obligation must be fulfilled by attending a separate Mass:  "A person who assists at a Mass celebrated anywhere in a Catholic rite either on the feast itself or in the evening of the preceding day satisfies the obligation of            participating in the Mass" (#1248 no. 1)

In concert with recommendations from the Archdiocese we have had to be creative in scheduling Masses over this weekend. Those Masses (4:30 pm December 23 and 9:00 am December 24) scheduled for the Fourth Sunday of Advent will honor the focus of this celebration ... it is not Christmas. 


Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Mass Schedule

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Saturday, December 23

4:30 pm Vigil Mass at Our Lady of Fatima

Sunday, December 24

9:00 am Mass at Our Lady of Fatima


Christmas Masses

Sunday, December 24

4:30 pm Vigil Mass at Our Lady of Fatima

7:00 pm Evening Mass at St. James

Monday, December 25 

9:00 am at Our Lady of Fatima







About our Regular Mass Schedule


Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish

has a 9:00 am Mass on

 Monday at Our Lady of Fatima Church

Tuesday at St. James Church

Wednesday at Our Lady of Fatima Church

Thursday at St. James Church

(Call the parish office at 248.545.2310 to ascertain where

the 1st Thursday of the month 7:00 pm

Mass is celebrated)

 Friday at Our Lady of Fatima Church 

 and 3 Masses on the weekend

Saturday, 4:30 PM - Our Lady of Fatima Church

Sunday, 9:00 AM - Our Lady of Fatima Church 

Sunday, 11:00 AM - St. James Church 




Our Worship Commission invites you to join the


The Monday Morning Prayer Group meets on most Mondays at 10:30 AM in the Gathering Area at Our Lady of Fatima Church.




News From our Finance Council 


Online Giving Coming to

Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish



The Finance Council is pleased to announce that in the next few weeks, you will be able to submit your offertory contributions, if you choose to do so, to Our Mother of  Perpetual Help Parish online.


What does this mean for you and our Parish?


  • ¨ There is no extra charge for giving electronically

  • ¨ It is environmentally friendly! No more paper envelopes, checks, or ATM receipts

  • ¨ There is less cash for the counting teams and office to handle and easier bank deposits.

  • ¨ You can still donate to special collections (Emergency Relief, Missions, Religious Retirement, etc.)

  • ¨ The site is administered by the same company that   currently tracks your donations so your giving is accurate

  • ¨ Just as today, you control how much and when you give

  • ¨ Predictable giving makes budgeting much easier

  • ¨ The site is used by more than 10,000 Churches so we know it is safe and secure

  • ¨ You may start or stop whenever you choose


Look for more information in the bulletin and on this website. If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in being part of the pilot program of online giving please contact Mark Wonsil, our Finance Council Vice chairperson, at  mark.wonsil@gmail.com Nisha Jayasundera, our Finance Council chairperson, at nishaomoph@gmail.com




Over 50?  Looking for something new?  



50+ CLUB

Christmas Party Luncheon

Thursday, Dec. 21 at 11:00 am

in the Gathering Area

at Our Lady of Fatima


Make a joyful noise! All seniors are welcome to join us for this happy annual celebration.


We will have a Christmas Carol sing-along, door prizes, delicious lunch and fun festivities.


For tickets, call Mary Ura at 248-547-7466 or Miki at 586-758-3099. Members: $6.00, non-members $8.00.

We hope to see you there!  Fa, la, la, la, la, la









Join the 50+ Club at their meetings on the first and third Thursday of every month in the Gathering Area at Our Lady of Fatima.  The meetings are always lively.  Come to the meeting and find out about all the great events they have throughout the year.   












Our Christian Service Commission is looking for additional members.  Please contact Mary Kovari at makovari@gmail.com or 313.817.4093 if you are interested.  




COFFEE HOUR - Join us for coffee and donuts on most first Sundays of the month after the 11:00 AM Mass at St. James Church and most third Sundays of the month after the 9:00 am Mass at Our Lady of Fatima. 























Religious Formation Classes are held once a month on the first Saturday of the month.


Classes  begin at 9:00 am and end at Noon. Students will be involved in prayer, scripture, church history, why we attend Mass, craft activity and community service.  


Candidates for Confirmation and Students preparing for First Reconciliation and First Communion will also be part of this program.


For more information contact Natalie Lacroix via e-mail natalielacroix@ymail.com or call 248.374.9045.


Tuition : one child $25.00, two children same family $40.00, three or more children same family $55.00.













We encourage you to call the parish office, at 248.545.2310, to let us know of a change in your address or phone number(s) so that we might correctly update our records. You may also send an email with this information to:  fatimaofficeolofsj@gmail.com

Thank you for your assistance.










If you or a loved one is homebound, in the hospital or a nursing home and would like to receive Holy Communion, please call the parish office at 248-545-2310.  A parish member would be happy to visit you.











Regarding Availability of the Bulletin on our Website


As some of you are aware the current bulletin and the past nine issues are normally available on our website.  What you may not realize is that it is not the parish that places this information on our website. Our bulletin publisher and website host LPI are responsible for this information being placed on the   website.  Recently, there have been technical difficulties on LPI’s end related to this matter.  This does happen  occasionally, as no one is perfect.  We were not the only parish affected by this problem.  There were also technical issues last Ash Wednesday where our website, as well as the websites of many parishes, was not available at all.  Again, our host LPI worked quickly to rectify the problem.  While we had no control over these issues we do apologize for any distress or  hardship this may have caused.  LPI also apologizes for any inconvenience.  Before it is suggested that we change our  publisher and website host please know that these problems are the exception to the excellent service which LPI provides to our parish and numerous parishes in the Archdiocese of Detroit.




Bulletin Article Deadline:

The deadline to submit articles and information for the Our Mother of Perpetual Help (OMOPH) News is normally NOON on Fridays. You may submit information via email at olofsjbulletin@gmail.com  or use the on-line form on the parish forms page of this website.  There may be times when an early deadline is required.  Notices with early deadlines will appear in the Our Mother of Perpetual Help News and on this website 





Our Councils and Commissions


The Parish Council encourages and enables the sharing of gifts and resources so that we will be able to hear and proclaim the Gospel, worship and reach out to the community in service.  It is a means and an avenue of coordinating our mission in the areas of education, service, stewardship and worship.


The Parish Council is a consultative body to the Pastor and the coordinating and unifying structure of the parish.  Its mission is to give a voice of support, guidance and direction to the various aspects of parish life.



The members of the Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish Council: 


Bill Brown, Vice Chairperson

Rich Faba, Chairperson

Lauri Palmer, Secretary

Maripat Ruttan

Dominic Scappaticci

Nick Sharkey

You may contact any of our parish council members by calling the parish office, at 248.545.2310, and leave a message.  Our staff will ensure that the message gets to the council member.  You may also visit the home page on this website and connect with any of our parish council members via email.





Our Finance Council supports the good governance of the parish and helps there be accountability to the diocese and to the parishioners by assisting the Pastor in the proper administration and stewardship of the finances and material assets of the parish as well as strategic planning.


Members of our Finance Council are:


Lori Brown

Kathy Faba, Secretary

Bill Janelle

Nishanthi (Nisha) Jayasundera, Chairperson

Tom Kirkwood

Mark Wonsil, Vice Chairperson

Jim Podzikowski, Emeritus

Fr. Paul Chateau, ex-officio

Vicki Mazurek, ex officio



Our Worship Commission envisions, coordinates and evaluates the worship, liturgical, and prayer life of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish.  Included in its responsibilities are: inviting and training liturgical ministers, preparing liturgical and prayer celebrations, decorating our worship environments for the different liturgical seasons throughout the year, and supporting ecumenism in the area.


Worship Commission Members:


Barbara Urbiel, Chair 

Tom Jaksa

Patrice Leland 

Dorothy McLaren






The Christian Service Commission promotes programs which strive to address human needs within our parish and in the broader community. 


Christian Service Commission Members:


Kevin Allison

Mary Lewis

Christine Jerulle

Mary Kovari, Chair

Janet Sink

Lisa Stevens





Our Faith Formation Commission strives to provide opportunities where our youth, and the adults who minister with them, can thrive in a caring, hospitable, Christian environment within the Catholic tradition.






Faith Formation Commission members are:

Janice Sharkey, Chair

Michelle Ciokajlo

Jessica Lafata

Leonard Piasta

Veronica Riha

Sharon Wallace

Natalie LaCroix, Director of Religious Education and Faith Formation


Members of our parish serve on our councils and commissions for terms of either 1, 2, or 3 years. 

Have a question or want to reach a member of the parish council, finance council, Christian service commission, faith formation commission, or worship commission?

It’s very simple…Just call our parish  office at 248.545.2310.  Our staff will be happy to take a message and get your message to the council or commission member.












ATTN:  Leaders of Parish Organizations - Important Reminder

If your recognized parish organization has an event you would like placed on the parish calendar (so that it appears on the website and the calendar of events in the bulletin) you must complete an event form. 

Forms may be obtained at the parish office and must be returned to the parish office at Our Lady of Fatima Church or submitted via email to olofsjbulletin@gmail.com. 

Please avoid scheduling conflicts. 

There should not be more than one event scheduled at the same time.

No events should be scheduled on Holy Days of Obligation or during Holy Week.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your event is NOT scheduled until you receive a confirmation.


On-Line Parish Forms


Did you know that you can submit an article for the Our Mother of Perpetual Help News or request a Mass Intention through the on-line parish forms.  Go to the "Information regarding on-line parish forms" and make sure to read the information regarding submitting the forms.  Then go to the subpage to find the forms, complete and submit.  Additional forms will be added soon.






After each weekend liturgy there is a volunteer at the Welcome Desk at both sites of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish.  

When visiting the welcome desk you can:

Schedule a Mass Intention

Put someone on or remove someone

from the sick or military prayer list

Register as a new parishioner

Request a visit for someone who is ill

or someone who would like to have a communion visit

A big thank you to all of the volunteers, our fellow parishioners,

who dedicate their time to serve in this important ministry.