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Supreme Court declines request to stop border wall construction

In a 5-4 vote July 31, the Supreme Court gave the go-ahead for construction to continue on portions of the Trump administration's border wall with Mexico by declining to take up requests from environmental groups to stop the work.

Pope rotates in new personal secretary

While recent popes have kept the same personal secretary throughout their pontificates, Pope Francis has chosen to rotate the priests serving in that capacity.

Vatican confirms Pope Benedict is ill, but says condition ‘not serious’

After rumors went out in the German press Monday saying Benedict XVI was suffering from a facial infection, the Vatican has confirmed that the retired pontiff is sick but insisted that his condition is normal for someone his age.

Conversion has personal, social dimensions, Franciscan leader says

Faith in the reconciling power of the cross and in God’s great desire to forgive human sin is a call to set aside fear and make a commitment to conversion — on a personal and societal level, said Father Michael A. Perry, minister general of the Franciscans.

Indian Bishop calls for social reintegration of prisoners

The Chairman of Prison Ministry India (PMI) Bishop Allwyn D’Silva, advocates for the dignity and real social integration of prisoners on Prison Ministry Sunday.

Pope Francis sends message of solidarity to Cardinal Brenes after attack on Managua Cathedral

Pope Francis pens a message to Archbishop of Managua, Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, expressing his closeness following an attack on the Managua Cathedral on Friday.

Benedict XVI is ill since visit to Germany

Rome Newsroom, Aug 3, 2020 / 03:21 am (CNA).- The Vatican press office offered an update Monday on the health of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, which can be found here.


Pope emeritus Benedict XVI is sick with a bacterial infection and “very frail,” according to a German newspaper report.

Citing Benedict biographer Peter Seewald, German newspaper Passauer Neue Presse (PNP) reported Aug. 3 that the 93-year-old pope emeritus is suffering from facial erysipelas, or facial shingles, a bacterial infection of the skin which causes a painful, red rash.

The infection can also result in fever, headaches, and lymphedema. It is treated with antibiotics.

Seewald told PNP that Benedict has been “very frail” since his return from visiting his ailing older brother, Msgr. Georg Ratzinger, in Bavaria in June. Georg Ratzinger died July 1.

Seewald saw Benedict XVI at his Vatican home in the Mater Ecclesia monastery Aug. 1 to present him with a copy of his latest biography of the retired pope.

The journalist said despite his illness, Benedict was optimistic and stated he might take up writing again if his strength returns. Seewald also said the former pope’s voice is now “barely audible.”

PNP also reported Aug. 3 that Benedict has chosen to be buried in the former tomb of St. John Paul II in the crypt of St. Peter’s Basilica. The body of the Polish pope was moved into the upper part of the basilica when he was canonized in 2014.

Like John Paul II, Benedict XVI has written a spiritual testament which can be published after his death.

Benedict XVI resigned from the papacy in 2013, citing advanced age and declining strength that made it difficult to carry out his ministry. He was the first pope to resign in nearly 600 years.

In a letter published in an Italian newspaper in February 2018, Benedict said, “I can only say that at the end of a slow decline in physical strength, inwardly I am on pilgrimage home.”


Covid-19 in Asia: the worst is not over

As the Coronavirus continues to infect people and claim lives across the globe, its dynamics are changing across regions. Countries struggle to contain its spread as well as cope with the economic downturn and other effects of the lockdown.

US Bishops call for support for urban Catholic school students

The Bishop chairmen of three USCCB committees are calling on members of the Black Congressional Caucus to support federal emergency relief for black families in Catholic schools.

Investigation casts doubt on Iranian Covid death figures

A British broadcaster is claiming the number of deaths from Covid-19 in Iran is nearly triple what the government in Tehran reports.